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Monday, 5 May 2014

The Crimson Field

I like a good historical programme, although WWI isn't my usual era, but I have really been enjoying this.  Even in the space of a hundred years, women's status and rights have changed so radically.  In one scene in this programme, the matron tells a volunteer nurse that regulations dictate that she must open and read all correspondence in and out of the hospital for and from females.  Only females, you note.  This hospital is a mobile unit, much like the one on the brilliant comedy series, MASH, and it is set in France, but the men don't have to have their private letters read.  They could be giving away secrets all over the place, but the important thing is to make sure that none of the females are doing anything immoral.  Wow!
I remember myself when rape within marriage was actually made a crime, so that must have been in the sixties or so.  Anyway, so far it is good, but a friend who served in the Royal Navy tells me they have the salute wrong.  I can't remember what she said now, but I will find out.  I know she said the salute they are using in the Crimson Field is not British Army.

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