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Sunday, 11 May 2014

Countdown Deal this week only


This omnibus edition of the four books of the series normally sells for $7.95 or £5.95 is on a special countdown deal for this week only. The price starts at £1.99.

The US offer has already begun but the UK one will probably begin at about 4 pm this afternoon, that is the 11th May.
This tells the story of how Lord Richard Summerville meets his wife, Bethany, of how he offers her marriage in exchange for certain promises, notably her promise to follow his Catholic faith.
But when Mary Tudor gains the throne on the death of her half brother, her brutal and zealous attempts to turn England back to the Church of Rome drive Richard and Bethany apart and she betrays him by using his own property to help protestants to escape.
The second book is the story of Rachel, Richard's stunningly beautiful mistress who he keeps with him at court, while his wife is imprisoned in a peasant's cottage to fend for herself.
The third book tells of the Summerville's attempt to forgive each other their past sins and rebuild a future together, despite an unlikely enemy and his attempts to destroy them.
The fourth book concerns their three adult children and their own attempts to build  futures with the threat of their parents' secrets hanging over them, coming between their daughter and the man she loves.
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