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Friday, 30 December 2016

The Surrogate Bride - A Romantic Fantasy Out Now!

First of a Series: The Surrogate Bride. This is a new direction for me and I hope my readers will give it a go. It is a fantasy, sort of medieval and sort of romantic.

After years of abuse at the hands of her husband, Natasha finds herself running for her life after yet another spell in hospital. She is certain that this time he will kill her and when her flight takes her to some Romany caravans beside a deserted car park, she runs to them for help.

That is when she meets a young girl who heals her wounds with a touch and finds herself in another world.

Her rescuers are the telepathic Lord Christos and his sweetheart, Kendall, who resembles Natasha. Their immortal King, Wolfstan, has commanded that Kendall marry him and Christos has brought Natasha to his world in the hope that she will agree to take Kendall’s place.

But marriage in this world is not the same thing at all; it is a magic and physical joining of minds and souls and one which can never be undone. And joining with a woman from Natasha’s world has an unexpected and devastating effect on the King. Soon Natasha finds herself not only joined for life to Wolfstan, but a weapon to be used by his enemies.

The First chapter is available to read here.

Thursday, 1 December 2016

THE ROMANY PRINCESS - now in paperback, kindle and audio.

This popular novel of life in the slums of London is now available in audio as well as paperback and kindle.

Don't forget you can download a kindle app for your pads or smartphone for free.

They called her The Romany Princess this lovely girl from the slums of London who rose to be the darling of the music halls. This is her heartbreaking tale, how she fell in love with the wrong man and how that great love ended in tragedy.

Her story is told here by her sister, Bess, on the occasion of her one hundredth birthday, when she sends for a great niece she has never met before and tells her the family truth that great niece has never been allowed to know.

Bess has secrets she has kept for nearly eighty years and she has no intention of taking those secrets with her to the grave.

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The first chapter is available to download here

Thursday, 17 November 2016


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Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Has no one ever heard of research any more?

I just had to post this. As an historian I am constantly amazed at the misinformation being touted as 'history' both on television and in books. 

First there was the Tudors, a television programme here in England with the usual wonderful acting and equally wonderful costumes. Of course the title was wrong because this series was not about the Tudors, it was specifically about King Henry VIII who was only one of five Tudor monarchs. Perhaps the inventors of this programme did not know that.

Well, according to this tv programme, Henry's sister, Margaret was sent to marry the ageing King of Portugal. NOoooo! His sister, Mary was sent to marry the ageing King of France. Then she married Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk, but had no children with him. Well, if she hadn't, there would have been no nine day wonder called Jane Grey. But never mind.

Henry's sister, Margaret, who was not even included in this programme, married the King of Scotland, James IV, making him Henry's brother-in-law NOT his cousin as he kept saying. Charles Brandon, when widowed married Catherine Willoughby and no they didn't separate and he didn't have a French mistress.

Then we have Victoria, the wonderful programme about Queen Victoria, where we have people being hanged, drawn and quartered, a barbaric sentence for those found guilty of treason. The last person to suffer this was about 100 years before Victoria; during her reign the drawing and quartering was carried out after death.

Now, let's come to some recent books I have read. The first was a tale of a King of Wales - Wales never had a king, it was and still is a principality. Not so bad, a fictional King of Wales, except the earl mentioned in the story had a throne, a realm and a kingdom. Noooooo! Only Kings, Queens and sometimes princes and princesses have those. Still, it was a good story.

The next was a timeslip novel, where the modern girl not only turns up at the door of a 17th century castle in modern clothes and is given hospitality and a bed for the night, but then she overhears a plot against King James I because he was Catholic! Noooooooooooo! James was Protestant, anyone with a modicum of historical knowledge knows that. He padded himself out wherever he went because he was terrified of Catholic plots against him.

Now I have started to read a book where a mulatto, i.e. person of mixed race, is a barrister at the Inns of Court in London. Nooooo! Never would a person of mixed race have been accepted, but worse than that, far worse, is the fact that the barrister is in Newgate Prison, thinking about the Old Bailey. Nooooo! The Old Bailey, central criminal court, was built on the site of Newgate Prison after it was demolished. The story is set in 1819 - the Old Bailey was opened in 1907.

Please, please, please, if you are going to write a screenplay or a novel involving English history, make sure you get your facts straight. It is not that difficult. You don't even need to open a book nowadays, you can simply google it. It is an affront to historians.

I have read from people who are supposed to be historians, that people in the middle ages had nice white teeth because there wasn't any sugar, I kid you not. They also had baths every day. Yeah, right.
Please, get it right before you publish.

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

New Novel out now


I thought to write a novel around Anne Boleyn, who I have long regarded as one of the most unfortunate and betrayed women in English history.

From what we know, she did not want to marry the King. She was in love with Harry Percy and wanted to wed him; all they need was the permission of the King. But once that King saw Anne, he was not going to let her have a normal, happy life with the man she loved. He wanted her for himself and what Henry VIII wanted, Henry VIII got.

He was no doubt besotted. He turned the country upside down an divorced his faithful wife of 20 years, declared his daughter a bastard and defied the Pope, earning him an excommunication. All this for the love of his life, yet only a few short years later, he not only lost interest in her, he was happy to have her executed.

It is said that he spent the night before her execution pawing over plans and diagrams for the scaffold where she was to lose her life. By this time, it is rumoured, she was also in love with him.

Of course, we none of us really know the truth and it is popular to believe that she was guilty of all charges, although we do know she could not have committed adultery with Mark Smeaton on the dates and at the times he stated, as she was elsewhere at those times. That didn't stop Cromwell from stating his word as fact. The poor man was terrified and was promised his life if he confessed.

So, since I never use real historical figures as major characters in my books, I decided to write about friends of the unfortunate Mark Smeaton, a fellow minstrel and his lady, called to London by Mark to perform for the Queen. 

This is their story and you can read more and the first chapter on my website here.

Saturday, 3 September 2016



These are the e-books you will receive absolutely free when you sign up for my Readers' Group Newsletter. Three of the books are the first in series and two are exclusive to Readers' Group subscribers and are not on sale to the general public.

All you need do is go to Historical Romance Readers to learn more and to sign up.

Monday, 11 July 2016

Conquest - New Book out now


This is my new novel, set in 1066, the year of the conquest of England by the Duke of Normandy.

It is a time of terror and change, when the way of life of the ordinary people was changed for centuries.

Everyone knows the date 1066, but not everyone knows that we had three kings in that year.

This is the story of two royal sisters, very close and great friends always, until the Normans invaded. When they fell in love with men on different sides in the dispute, they were both forced to choose between their kin and the men they loved.

Read the first chapter here

Friday, 3 June 2016

The Musketeers are back - third series

My UK readers might like to know, if they don't already, that the four gorgeous Musketeers are back on BBC television for a third series.

They have managed to persuade Aramis (Santiago Cabrera) that all that handsome manhood has no place in a monastery and brought him back to his rightful position.

But now we have a married Musketeer - D'Artagnan (- and really not sure whether Alexander Dumas had that bit in his stories. I really must get round to reading the book, but at 750 pages I haven't managed it. Should have done it when I was younger.

I am longing to know if Milady (Maimie McCoy) is coming into this series. She was just being cured of her wickedness in the last series and nearly won Athos back. If we have one married Musketeer, why not two?

Can't wait!

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

The Pestilence: Book Three Once Loved is now available


This is the third book in my trilogy concerning some of the people who lived through the devastation of the Black Death.

In 1348, England saw millions of its citizens of all classes, noblemen and peasants alike, dying a horrible and painful death. At the time, people had no concept of germs or bacteria and they believed it was a sign that God was displeased. They thought it was the end of the world, a sign of the Last Days.

It changed the whole social structure of the country with the nobility unable to maintain their status and wealth with no one left to work the land, with the peasants suddenly left without guidance and realising they were no longer tied to the land. The up and coming merchants and tradesmen found themselves suddenly with less competition and able to charge whatever they liked for their services.

It was the total change of everything people had been taught to know.

My characters in this last book are able to leave their familiar towns and areas and some have no choice. Rebecca and her illegitimate son are driven out of their town, blamed for the disease because of her occupation as a prostitute. What they find as they flee the town in which they had spent their lives is a whole new world and a whole new life.

But they also find Rebecca's past waiting to greet them and she is called upon to make the greatest sacrifice of her life.

The first chapter is listed on the right of this blog, along with the first chapters of all my books. 

Saturday, 13 February 2016

NEW SERIES - Books one and two of The Pestilence - A tale of the Black Death


Pestilence: The Second Wife

This series tells the tale of the people who suffered through the Black Death, the bubonic plague which swept through England in 1348 killing millions and changing the course of social history forever.
THE SECOND WIFE is book one. This concerns Charlotte, the daughter of one of the newly wealthy merchants whose father is thwarted in his attempts to build a house as grand as those of the nobility. But when another of those nobles, Lord Robin Eversley, comes to visit, he sees Charlotte playing with her younger siblings and is enchanted. He thinks she would make an excellent stepmother for his damaged daughter, Genevieve. He has annulled his marriage to Genevieve's mother and is looking for a new wife. The differences between their social classes are not easily overcome, but they are just beginning to adapt when the plague creeps closer.
When Robin's elder brother, Eric, returns to reclaim his title and property, Robin leaves to attend to his own, smaller estate before moving his family there. But when he finds his own estate almost devoid of life, he is afraid to go home and take the disease with him, leaving Charlotte to believe he is dead.
THE SCENT OF ROSES is Book Two, which will be published soon. This is the tale of Lady Felice Sutton, who agrees to marry Lord Christopher Waterford, despite his evil reputation, to save her father from debtors' prison. She is grateful and determined to make him a good wife, but his volatile temper and his distrust of women make that almost impossible.
Felice believes she is beginning to find some goodness in him, but when he finds his peasant mistress dead and is convinced Felice has poisoned her, she discovers just how merciless he can be.

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FREE BOOKS These are the e-books you will receive absolutely free when you sign up for my Readers' Group Newsletter. Three of the...