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Friday, 30 December 2016

The Surrogate Bride - A Romantic Fantasy Out Now!

First of a Series: The Surrogate Bride. This is a new direction for me and I hope my readers will give it a go. It is a fantasy, sort of medieval and sort of romantic.

After years of abuse at the hands of her husband, Natasha finds herself running for her life after yet another spell in hospital. She is certain that this time he will kill her and when her flight takes her to some Romany caravans beside a deserted car park, she runs to them for help.

That is when she meets a young girl who heals her wounds with a touch and finds herself in another world.

Her rescuers are the telepathic Lord Christos and his sweetheart, Kendall, who resembles Natasha. Their immortal King, Wolfstan, has commanded that Kendall marry him and Christos has brought Natasha to his world in the hope that she will agree to take Kendall’s place.

But marriage in this world is not the same thing at all; it is a magic and physical joining of minds and souls and one which can never be undone. And joining with a woman from Natasha’s world has an unexpected and devastating effect on the King. Soon Natasha finds herself not only joined for life to Wolfstan, but a weapon to be used by his enemies.

The First chapter is available to read here.

Thursday, 1 December 2016

THE ROMANY PRINCESS - now in paperback, kindle and audio.

This popular novel of life in the slums of London is now available in audio as well as paperback and kindle.

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They called her The Romany Princess this lovely girl from the slums of London who rose to be the darling of the music halls. This is her heartbreaking tale, how she fell in love with the wrong man and how that great love ended in tragedy.

Her story is told here by her sister, Bess, on the occasion of her one hundredth birthday, when she sends for a great niece she has never met before and tells her the family truth that great niece has never been allowed to know.

Bess has secrets she has kept for nearly eighty years and she has no intention of taking those secrets with her to the grave.

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The first chapter is available to download here

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