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Monday, 19 May 2014

Another forum gem

So me and some other posters upset a couple of Indian writers by pointing out the flaws in their publications and businesses.  One is publishing books in the children's section depicting animal abuse, and had a book about paedophilia making it seem acceptable if it was with a child who was a slave.  So of course, he was given short shrift.  Then this other bloke comes along who has been pushing pornography on his club for teenagers, as well as plagiarising and stealing authors' work, publishing it under his own name.  So he was outed as well.  Actually, he's not a writer, just a fraudster, so I take that back.

Anyway, when given their horoscopes so to speak, they both screamed "you are only saying that because I'm Indian!"  Well you can imagine how well that went down.  Now he is telling me I am a bully and he is going to see me behind bars!  On what charge I cannot imagine, but do take a look and see what you think.

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