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About Me

My name is Margaret Brazear. I toyed with the idea of using a pseudonym for my novels, and I often wished that I had, but it is too late now.
The problem with the surname is that most people spell it wrong, but if spelt right, I am the only one so easy enough to find.
I was born and raised in London, England's capital, with its amazing history.
I have been writing stories since I learned to read and write and I have studied English history for over fifty years. I am fascinated by all periods of English history, but mostly the centuries before the Hanoverians, that is before King George 1, often known as German George. He did not speak a word of English and never bothered to learn, but the people would rather have him than another Catholic on the throne, which the rightful heir was. That rightful heir was Charles Edward Stuart, grandson of King James II who was deposed and exiled to France. You probably know him best as Bonnie Prince Charlie.
I have to say that nothing makes me madder than reading a so-called historical novel which has no relation whatsoever to the historical period to which it is supposed to be set. I recently read one where the hero had been tricked into a marriage he did not want and his brother's suggestion for getting rid of the bride was to have her beheaded! A serious suggestion. The author had haphazardly slapped a twelfth century date on it but nothing else said twelfth century, certainly not the names or the language. There was not much a nobleman was not allowed to do to his wife, but having her head chopped off was one of them. The only person who could order a beheading was the King, and then only after a fair trial, and then only for treason.
It angers me because English history is so full of interesting things and when someone just makes it up as they go along, well it lets us all down.
My novels are intertwined with history, the attitudes and harsh way of life are real. I hope to take you to an age where people having sex outside of marriage were publicly whipped, where people believed the church had total control over their souls, both before and after death.
My other passion is my dogs. I have two enormous, hairy Newfoundland Dogs and my website will tell you all about them.

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