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Saturday, 13 February 2016

NEW SERIES - Books one and two of The Pestilence - A tale of the Black Death


Pestilence: The Second Wife

This series tells the tale of the people who suffered through the Black Death, the bubonic plague which swept through England in 1348 killing millions and changing the course of social history forever.
THE SECOND WIFE is book one. This concerns Charlotte, the daughter of one of the newly wealthy merchants whose father is thwarted in his attempts to build a house as grand as those of the nobility. But when another of those nobles, Lord Robin Eversley, comes to visit, he sees Charlotte playing with her younger siblings and is enchanted. He thinks she would make an excellent stepmother for his damaged daughter, Genevieve. He has annulled his marriage to Genevieve's mother and is looking for a new wife. The differences between their social classes are not easily overcome, but they are just beginning to adapt when the plague creeps closer.
When Robin's elder brother, Eric, returns to reclaim his title and property, Robin leaves to attend to his own, smaller estate before moving his family there. But when he finds his own estate almost devoid of life, he is afraid to go home and take the disease with him, leaving Charlotte to believe he is dead.
THE SCENT OF ROSES is Book Two, which will be published soon. This is the tale of Lady Felice Sutton, who agrees to marry Lord Christopher Waterford, despite his evil reputation, to save her father from debtors' prison. She is grateful and determined to make him a good wife, but his volatile temper and his distrust of women make that almost impossible.
Felice believes she is beginning to find some goodness in him, but when he finds his peasant mistress dead and is convinced Felice has poisoned her, she discovers just how merciless he can be.

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