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Friday, 18 April 2014

Sky On Demand - warning

Ok, I probably missed it somewhere in the small print, but did you know that when you download a boxed set from the on demand facility, record it to your hard drive,  when it disappeared from the list, it also disappears from your hard drive?  I didn't and I think it is a damned cheek that they can steal things from my hard drive on my Sky plus box.
So, the Musketeers series, which I had carefully preserved, has vanished both from my hard drive and from my on demand selection, so I cannot record it again.  Looks like I am going to have to buy the DVD set which is £17 on Amazon.  Don't think it's cheaper on Ebay, because it isn't.
I am also stuck on Rookie Blue now.  I couldn't wait for the repeat of season four which started last Saturday, so I downloaded the whole series from on demand.  Now I cannot wait for season 5, which is supposed to be starting sometime this year.
Do you Sky viewers have never miss set up?  If not, be warned about that as well.  It is a Sky service, for Sky customers, but you cannot use a Sky email address "for security reasons"!!!  What security reasons?  Unbelievable.

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