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Monday, 24 February 2014

Thoughts of the Day

I am loving BBC's new series, The Musketeers.  BBC used to be the place for costume drama, but they seem to have fallen by the wayside over the last few years.  This series is, obviously, from the book by Alexander Dumas and it is very well done.  I don't know where they found four such good looking actors of the same age group, but I could go for any one of them.  For anyone who has missed out, it is on at 9 pm on Sundays and I think we are on Episode 4.  I missed the first one myself, which I am really peed off about.
I am also loving Watch's new Robin Hood series, although there is a lot stolen from the Kevin Costner film, Robin Hood Prince of Thieves.  It is still well worth watching if you like a good historical series.
So, someone told me this week that writing is all about drawing from the author's own life experiences, no imagination required.  By that token, Stephen King has a monster living in his local sewer who dresses up as a clown and steals little children.  That poor man has been through so much in his life, what with living in a town full of vampires and finding a cemetery that brings dead people and animals back to life without their souls.  It is a wonder he is not currently residing in the local funny farm!
I can tolerate most things, but not stupidity.
I have published an omnibus of The Summerville Journals which is a lot cheaper than buying them all separately.  I didn't want to part with the Summervilles, but they had to end somewhere.
This omnibus includes all four books in the series and will take the reader from the meeting and subsequent marriage of Lord Richard and his Countess, the succession to the throne of Mary Tudor, the persecution of the protestants all the way to 1585.  It includes the story of Rachel, Lord Summerville's beautiful mistress, and it tells of the struggle of a couple in love to put the past behind them and build a future together for themselves and their children.
I am leaving the family there for the time being and beginning on a new turbulent love story set during the fourteenth century when the Black Death devastated England and its way of life.

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