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Friday, 14 February 2014


Mirielle is a novella that I wrote some time ago.  I have tried to think if the idea came from anywhere outside my imagination, but I cannot recall.  I think it was imagining what had happened to some of those poor children that had disappeared without a trace, like little Genette Tate, who disappeared on the way to her paper round on 19th August 1978.  Genette was 13 at the time, and although her bicycle and newspapers were found shortly after, there has never been any trace of her to this day.

So my story evolved from the question of what had happened to her.  That is where the resemblance ends, though.

 It was Mirielle's thirteenth birthday when she walked out of her parents' home to go to the fish and chip shop at the end of the road.........and never came back. Mirielle could never have guessed at the destruction that was caused by that one action.

While Her father lost everything in his efforts to find his missing child, while her mother went mad with the guilt of it, where was Mirielle? Who had taken her and why was there never any trace of her whereabouts?

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