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Wednesday, 24 May 2017

The Hartleighs of Somersham Book Two on special offer for this week only.

Lady Penelope's Frenchman is the second book in the series, a novella length Regency romance.

Although still in his early twenties, Christopher Hartleigh now finds himself Duke of Somersham and the head of the Hartleigh family. He thinks it will be an easy task until his young cousin, Penelope, brings up the subject of Pier Gaston, a French aristocrat left penniless by the revolution. Penelope's father, the late Duke, has already refused consent for her to marry Pier, believing his only interest to be in her fortune, but she has stubbornly kept writing to him. Now Christopher is Duke, she hopes that he will be more sympathetic to her cause and allow them to marry.

Christopher hopes she will meet someone more suitable at the London season, and steers her towards Viscount Michael. Her determination takes him by surprise and he feels inadequate to the task he has been given. He also believes the Frenchman is only interested in his cousin's fortune and refuses his consent to the marriage.

Naively, he hopes she will see sense and marry the Viscount; instead she elopes with Pier, an act which will cause a terrible scandal if it is known.

His duty now is to follow them and bring her back, hopefully before it is too late.

Only 0.99 for this week only so don't miss out

If you missed Book One, A Match of Honour, you can read it here. All my books are available to read via Amazon's Kindle Unlimited subscription service as well as to buy.

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