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Tuesday, 20 September 2016

New Novel out now


I thought to write a novel around Anne Boleyn, who I have long regarded as one of the most unfortunate and betrayed women in English history.

From what we know, she did not want to marry the King. She was in love with Harry Percy and wanted to wed him; all they need was the permission of the King. But once that King saw Anne, he was not going to let her have a normal, happy life with the man she loved. He wanted her for himself and what Henry VIII wanted, Henry VIII got.

He was no doubt besotted. He turned the country upside down an divorced his faithful wife of 20 years, declared his daughter a bastard and defied the Pope, earning him an excommunication. All this for the love of his life, yet only a few short years later, he not only lost interest in her, he was happy to have her executed.

It is said that he spent the night before her execution pawing over plans and diagrams for the scaffold where she was to lose her life. By this time, it is rumoured, she was also in love with him.

Of course, we none of us really know the truth and it is popular to believe that she was guilty of all charges, although we do know she could not have committed adultery with Mark Smeaton on the dates and at the times he stated, as she was elsewhere at those times. That didn't stop Cromwell from stating his word as fact. The poor man was terrified and was promised his life if he confessed.

So, since I never use real historical figures as major characters in my books, I decided to write about friends of the unfortunate Mark Smeaton, a fellow minstrel and his lady, called to London by Mark to perform for the Queen. 

This is their story and you can read more and the first chapter on my website here.

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