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Thursday, 9 July 2015

Discounted for one week only! Starting 15th July - THE ADULTERESS

A Medieval Romance - It is 1139 and the Empress Maud has landed in England to lay claim to the English throne, currently occupied by her cousin Stephen. David, Lord Ravenscroft is a chief advisor to King Stephen and is away at court, helping to plan a strategy to defeat the Empress. Her armies have been seen close to his own house and soldiers in his own regiment have been sent to search the town and village, including his house.

That is when his world collapses, as the captain of that regiment returns with the news that a naked man has been found in his wife's bed. Heartbroken, he returns home to confront her, hoping for an explanation, but she admits her guilt. David leaves for London, having appointed guards to be sure she does not leave the grounds, and never expects to return.

Three years later he receives a letter from his wife, Catherine, telling him she is dying and begging him to go to her, as she needs to reveal the truth about the other man and the daughter David always supposed to have been fathered by that man.

Catherine knows he will not refuse her dying wish, but what can the truth be, if not that she had a lover in her bed? The idea of losing her for good tears him apart, despite her betrayal, but he needs to find the courage to see her on her deathbed and learn the truth, for the sake of the woman he still loves.

This is a tale about a good woman who finds herself in an impossible position in order to protect the two men she loves. It is set in 12th century England, during the war between King Stephen and the Empress Matilda (also known as Maud) known as the Anarchy.
The first chapter is available to read on this blog. See the list on the right of this page. This is one of my most popular historical romances and will be on sale from 15th/16th July, depending on where you are in the world. The price will begin at .99 cents or pence and gradually increase over the week, so don't miss out!

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