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Tuesday, 20 January 2015

NEW COUNTDOWN DEAL - A Man in Mourning

Lord Ian Westerby has mourned his late wife, Eleanor, for ten years and never intended to remarry, but when in August 1485 his younger brother and heir dies at the Battle of Bosworth, he is forced to take a new wife. Lord Westerby is not a popular choice, owing to his reputation as a recluse who is devoted to the memory of his lost wife, so finding a suitable match will not be an easy task.

Lady Francesca Allinton is also not a popular choice. Although beautiful, an accident two years earlier has left her with a badly deformed and crippled leg and her many suitors have gradually retreated because of it.

All Lord Westerby wants is an heir; all Lady Francesca wants is a home and children. They seem suited, but living with a man still devoted to his dead wife is not as easy as Francesca had supposed and she is surprised to find his indifference to her to be so hurtful. She also suspects there is more to his grief than devotion.

For his part, Lord Westerby finds himself attracted to Francesca but afraid to desire her, feels he is betraying Eleanor by even thinking about it. The chances of achieving his wish for the desired heir to Westerby are getting more and more remote.

This is a love story, pure and simple, a tale of two people who are drawn together through circumstances neither of them want. How will they overcome their inner heartaches to build a future together? And will Francesca ever learn the secret of Ian's guilt over Eleanor's death? 
Read the first chapter here. 
COUNTDOWN BEGINS 22nd January ENDS 26th. Lowest price .99 cents then gradually increasing to its full price of $3.99.

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