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Friday, 7 November 2014

Countdown Deal - The Romany Princess

The Romany Princess is one of my earliest and most popular books and it has some great reviews on both sides of the pond.
I first wrote this book over thirty years ago, manual typewriter, carbon copies etc. So when I discovered kdp I only had a hard copy and was lucky to still have that. So I had to retype the whole thing, all 85,000 words of it. Thank goodness I still have my copy typing skills.
Unfortunately, after that I was so excited to get it on Amazon, I didn't proofread it. Imagine how pleased I was to get a four star review 'despite the typing errors'. The reviewer said they would have put her off reading 'in a lesser work'.  Obviously, the first thing I did was to go back and correct every single one.
Since then, it has done very well, but now is ready for a special deal to bring it to the light again.
The story is about family secrets and a mysterious great aunt revealing those secrets on her one hundredth birthday.
This will be on a special offer for only 5 days, starting 9th and 10 November and you can read the first chapter here.

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