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Monday, 21 July 2014

Kindle Unlimited - US Customers Only (for now)

In case you haven't all heard, Amazon have unrolled their new Kindle Unlimited borrowing program.  The advantage to customers is that they can pay a subscription of $9.99 per month and they get to borrow an unlimited amount of the books offered in the program.  Needless to say, all mine are available to borrow.
Customers will be allowed ten titles at a time, so once you have read one or decided you don't like it, you can delete it and get another.  You can keep them as long as you like, but only ten at a time.
For the first month, Amazon are giving a free trial, so get yourself signed up if you want to take advantage.
At the moment it is only for US customers, but if it succeeds, as I am sure it will, it will soon find its way onto the UK site, quickly followed by all the others.
One more thing to add for today - does anyone have any tips as to how to remove superglue from a diamond ring!  I had an accident trying to open the tube this morning and now my wedding and engagement rings are stuck together.  Any solutions gratefully received.

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