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Thursday, 6 March 2014

Thoughts - you can't change history, so why do these producers keep trying?

So I was getting my Robin Hood fix on tv this morning and I got annoyed.  Why?  Because I cannot stand it when books, films or anything else messes about with history.

I could have a chuckle at Maid Marianne's polyester tops and even her machine knitted cardigan, but talking about the pestilence (the Black Death) in the twelve century, when it made its first appearance in England in 1348, fourteenth century, just seriously peed me off.

It is a shame, but I shall keep watching in the hope that they get the rest of their facts right.

So last week we had the Black Death 150 years before it appeared anywhere in the world and this week we had Archbishop Thomas Cranmer's marriage ceremony 400 years before Cranmer was born.  That is the one that is still used today in Anglican churches, and Robin and Marianne even went one further and left out the obey bit.  Of course, with the current craze for writing one's own vows, Cranmer will be obsolete eventually.  I find the whole writing our own vows bit as embarrassing as couples renewing their wedding vows.  I mean, it's not as though the contract has run out is it?  A pity really that the marriage contract doesn't have an expiry date;  think how much you would save in divorce costs.

Update to historical disasters:  A lifesize waxwork figure of King Richard I in the twelve century, 500 years before Madame Tussaud invented the technique during the French Revolution in order to take death masks from guillotined aristocrats.

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